Residential Real Estate Development

MIRA Building Solutions specializes in the purchasing of real estate, adding improvements to the real estate and selling the real estate again. MIRA coordinates all of these activities, converting ideas from paper to real property. The company’s expertise encompasses a variety of real estate investments. These include land development and residential homebuilding, as well as the acquisition and disposition of distressed real estate assets.

MIRA builds each home as if it were its own. MIRA assembles a top-notch team of subcontractors based on years of experience in the building industry. MIRA knows that a well build home starts with conscientious craftsmen and high-quality materials – from the foundation to the rooftop.

Our success has been based not only on a strong commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail, but also on our endeavor to provide and maintain a high level of communication between us and our homeowners. Personal attention to each client is maintained wherever you may be. Using today’s technology enables us to include all homeowners in the building process – even from halfway around the world. At MIRA, we derive personal satisfaction in creating homes that-like fine work of art-are truly one of a kind.